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EV ZXA1 Speaker

by Craver

I first saw the EV ZXA1 at the recent NAMM Show in L.A.  I was shown a large-cabinet EV speaker.  The sound coming from it was incredible.  Crisp highs, deep bass, it was what I would expect from a high-end EV powered speaker.

The shocker was when the cover was removed to show the ZXA1 speaker inside the larger cabinet!

It's true.  This light-weight, under 20 lbs., powered speaker delivers the same 'punch' as speakers weighing twice as much.

I am always looking for ways to 'lighten my load' when it comes to music gear.  So, this new speaker got me very excited.

I've been using the EV ZXA1 at open mics and for solo-gigs for about three-months.  I am very impressed with its performance.

For solo-gigs, I've been using an EV Raven mic and a Takamine Tradesman guitar.  I feed both through a Digitech Vocalist processor and then take one XLR feed to the the ZXA1.  It's hard to imagine a more compact setup than this.

I was willing to sacrifice a little quality to achieve a smaller rig, but to my surprise, I didn't have to!  The ZXA1 deliver an amazing range of sound, from low to high, that rivals any speaker I've heard.

I was using the Bose L1.  After running with the EV ZXA1 for a while, I sold the Bose.  The ZXA1 delivered the bass response I was lacking from the Bose, it was much lighter, more compact, and a fraction of the cost.

Go test-drive the Electro-Voice ZXA1 at Sam Ash Music and I think you'll be glad that you did.


Key features:

Integrated 800 watt power amplifier

Biamplified design with transducer protection

EV8L 8” high-output LF transducer

DH2005 1” exit true compression driver

90° x 50° coverage pattern

Rotatable horn design

123 dB maximum SPL

Selectable high-pass filter for use with subwoofers

Line and microphone inputs

Integral monitor angle on enclosure

Built-in pole mount

Lightweight (< 20 lbs) with integral handle for easy carrying