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Grace Kelly

Born to such a revered name, Grace Kelly had big shoes to fill. And at 18, she has begun to make a name of her own. Many listeners have referred to her unique blend of soul, jazz, and pop as being “refreshing” and “original”.  

Grace recently got back from recording some tracks in Nashville at an all-analog studio known as Welcome to 1979, that will later be part of her debut album. Fresh out of high school, Grace has managed to exceed not only academically, but also in her music endeavors. While many her age are just beginning their journey to discover what they’re passionate about, Grace has already begun her career.  

Although she’s been singing her whole life, Grace began writing her own songs on guitar and piano at 14.  Since then she has played numerous venues around Atlanta, Nashville, and Los Angeles.  Recently, she also played at the Next Big Nashville Music Conference. And in the summer of 2010, she made it to the top 24 out of thousands nation wide in the running to be on a new Bravo TV show for singer-songwriters. At the time she was actually under the age limit, but they pushed her through to the final round of auditions. Her music has acquainted her with various successful artists and producers in the industry such as Jazze Pha, Gary Lux, J. Que Smith, Weezer, and Cartel.

Grace is currently preparing for a move to the Big Apple to further the pursuit of her music career.